Being a makeup artist is about much more than just a basic face. Of course you probably know how to apply mascara, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Those are the tools that most people have when they first start to use makeup as a teenager. Going beyond those basic items is going to raise your ability through the roof.

Makeup is a skill, a learned trade, and an art that is quite complex. The best part of cosmetics is that nothing you do is permanent. The beauty of makeup is that you can take it off and reapply again for a completely new look. One of the core ideas of makeup that has been talked about in the media lately by a variety of artists is Contouring and Highlight.

This is the concept of color correction with shading skills. People contour and highlight for many reasons. It can do wonders for the shape of the face bringing out a person’s best features, and downplaying some things that need to be hidden. Making cheekbones stand out, slimming down a nose, or lifting up the look of the face can all be achieved with the proper techniques.

Contouring Like The Pros

Contouring usually involves different shades of concealer, foundation, color correctors, and even bronzers can work in a pinch. After you apply a full face of foundation that correctly matches a person’s skin tone, then you can use different shades for contouring.

Highlighting Is A Star Focus

Highlighting is in the fact the opposite of contouring, but when used in tandem, it can produce the most gorgeous results. You’ve seen the red carpet looks in Hollywood, where a star’s face hits the light just right and she seems to glow. That’s highlighting.

The best highlighters can be cream or power in texture, but usually have some form of light reflecting particles in them to bounce the light off a person’s face to give them that “candlelit” glow that is so attractive. Highlighting is usually achieved at the tops of the cheekbones, right below the eye area, above the brow to lift up the face, and even in the cupid’s bow of a person’s lips to make them look lush and full.

When done well, highlighting is your anti-aging friend. It makes a person look more youthful when done in combination with the right makeup application.