Waxing Course – New York State Approved 75 Hour Program


Flexible Full Time and Part Time Schedules available.

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Scope of curriculum:

Educational requirements for estheticians shall include the following subjects and the hours assigned to each:

State and Federal Payroll Requirements
New York State Sales Tax Requirements
Career Opportunities and Placement
Professional Ethics, Conduct and Attitude
Professional Organizations, Trade Shows and Publications

New York State Laws, Rules and Regulations
OSHA Regulations Concerning Hazardous Materials Communications
Types and Classification of Infectious Organisms
—Mold and Fungus
Growth and Reproduction of Infectious Organisms
Infections and Their Prevention
Immunity and Body Defenses
Decontamination and Infection Control
Physical and Chemical Agents

Histology of the Skin and its Functions
Skin Disorders and Diseases
Hair Structure and Functions With Relation to Waxing

Theoretical Overview of Permanent Methods (Electrolysis, Thermolysis, Blend)
Temporary Methods of Hair Removal
—Manual tweezing
—Depilatory lotion
—Waxing (strip and non-strip)