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We are introducing something new here at New York Institute of Beauty! As the Admissions Representative here at NYIB for last couple of years, I have had the amazing opportunity to talk to hundreds of students. I hear their stories, their history, their goals. They are all different, they are all unique, and yet- they aren’t. I know, that seems like a contradiction but hear me out.

No two-people going through life, figuring out their path, take the exact same steps. But there are more similarities among us than we initially realize.  And I am not just talking about the decision to go beauty school.  There are phrases, concerns, and dreams that I hear over and over again.

“I am a single parent.” “I never thought I could make money doing this.” “I was told beauty school was for people who couldn’t handle real school.” “I’m scared that I am too old for this.” “I want to own my business!” “My parents don’t support this.”

These are just a handful of comments that I hear on a weekly basis. And I am here to tell you that there is no “type” of person who gets into this industry. We have room for everyone, and everyone can succeed.

And I know this all too well because I too was one of those students. I remember walking through the doors here at NYIB, and being scared.  I worried that I was too old and I was second guessing myself because the “right” trajectory after college was to get a “real” job.  When I walked in to my first day of class, it became immediately clear to me that I had found exactly where I belonged.  And in my time since graduating and achieving my Esthetics license, I have only had this feeling reaffirmed every time I sit with a future student.

So now, we want to begin to showcase the variety of men and women who walk through these doors.  We want them to tell their stories and share their goals. And our hope is that someone’s story resonates personally with you. And maybe someday you can be featured as one of NYIB’s “Featured Students!”

Destiny Borrero – Evening Esthetician Student and First Grade Teaching Assistant

NYIB: Destiny-Thank you for joining me as my first Spotlight Student of 2019! Tell us a little bit about yourself? Destiny: Okay, so I am a part-time evening esthetics student! I am also a first-grade teaching assistant at a school for the deaf. And now I am here because I decided to come to school for makeup. And then [...]

Melody Calderon – Recent High School Graduate and Esthetics Student

NYIB: Hello Miss Melody! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for this interview right now! To start off with, tell us about yourself. Melody: Well, my name is Melody Olivia Calderon. And I just turned 18 in April. Outside of here, I love to sing and read. I just graduated high school and I have [...]

Meghan Asselta – Photographer & Esthetics Student

Meet Meghan Asselta NYIB: Hi Meghan! Thank you for sitting with me. How are you doing? Are you feeling excited or nervous? Meghan: I am feeling a little bit of both. NYIB:  That is totally understandable. Tell us all a little more about yourself, we know you are already a businesswoman! Meghan: I graduated from Pratt Institute, with a [...]