Happy 20 Anniversary to the New York Institute of Beauty!

For 20 years, the New York Institute of Beauty (NYIB) has helped men and women in the Esthetics industry follow their dreams and fulfill their passions. By providing beauty school training in the Long Island area for the past two decades, NYIB has paved the way for students to succeed in a field with professionals who are always in high demand.

Following Dreams

NYIB was created by owner and founder, Linda Giardinello with one vision in mind. She wanted people to really follow their passion in the beauty industry. For years, beauty schools suffered from a poor reputation with the ideology that women who weren’t college bound, pursued vocational training from Esthetics programs. Giardinello wanted to bring a higher quality of education to Esthetic schools that blended academics with trade skills. With innovative education programs, students would be able to have a rewarding career with advancement opportunities. Whether graduates wanted to work part-time at a spa or travel the world as a high-fashion makeup artist, they would be prepared. In 1998, her dreams would become a reality when she established NYIB.

First Esthetics School In Suffolk County

NYIB was the first Esthetics school to open in Suffolk County and experienced seemingly overnight success. The draw for students was enrolling in a program that offered the opportunity for a career that was both financially and emotionally rewarding. Most enrollees didn’t fit the perceived “beauty school student” mold. The majority of students were over the age of 25 with college degrees and disillusioned by their careers. Getting an education at NYIB gave them the chance for reinvention.

Secret To Longevity

NYIB’s secret to longevity was the school’s willingness to go above and beyond for each one of the students. Although the New York State Board curriculum is covered within the program, the school’s mission is to better prepare students to succeed in a constantly evolving industry. NYIB offers free workshops and classes to the general public to give them a better understanding of the beauty industry. The NYIB Make Up Team was created to give students the hands-on experience they need to stand out from the crowd. Members of the NYIB Makeup Team participate in unique work experience opportunities at prestigious events like New York Fashion Week. These events help students build a portfolio, get hands-on experience and build long-term relationships with designers, photographers, models, stylists, and more.

“We understand our success is tied directly to our students’ success.”

As new technologies develop, the needs of clientele change drastically. NYIB is always evolving to educate students on the latest breakthrough technologies. For example, an Advanced Esthetics program was developed with courses that cover topics such as paramedical esthetics, laser and light modalities, and chemical exfoliation methods. New programs are continuously developed to keep up with this ever-evolving industry.

The New York Institute  of Beauty is looking forward to celebrating the next 20 years of outstanding student achievements!

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