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What To Consider When Choosing A Hair Removal Service


Deciding on how to remove unwanted body hair is a personal choice. Both waxing and laser therapies have benefits and drawbacks, but the good news is both offer longer lasting results than shaving. Waxing and laser treatments remove hair at the root while shaving takes hair off at the skin level. Above all else, remember to choose a […]

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Halloween Makeup Trends for 2019


Halloween isn’t only for the kiddos. Each year, men, women, children, and even pets get decked out in festive ghoulish costumes. Makeup artists will be booked solid with appointments for clients looking for outlandish Halloween looks. The New York Institute of Beauty has noticed the following top trends for Halloween makeup this year.

Superhero Glamour

No […]

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Breaking Into Fashion Week As A Makeup Artist


Working backstage at New York Fashion Week is any makeup artist’s dream come true. Being able to highlight backstage Fashion Week experience on your resume will make you a top candidate for any makeup job. Resume experience isn’t the only reason to break into Fashion Week. You will have a chance to network with […]

Breaking Into Fashion Week As A Makeup Artist2019-09-30T16:54:14-04:00

Eyes of a Diva


Drag makeup is always at the forefront of beauty trends. Applying diva makeup takes a high level of professional skill with the final look being utterly flawless. Diva makeup has been around for years, but took off alongside the popularity of Instagram drag models and pop culture delights like Rupaul’s Drag Race. By attending the […]

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How to Select an Esthetics School


Choosing the right esthetics school for your training is a big decision. How and what you learn and where you obtain your education will influence how quickly you get a job and where you’re able to work.

In order to select the best school for you, be sure to ask these questions about the institutes you are […]

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Career Options For Moms With Kids Going Back To School


The back-to-school season is a busy one for moms, but it often ends with many moms feeling like they need something to do now that their kids are back in the classroom for the academic year. Moms who are searching for job opportunities at this particular stage of life are often craving something that offers them flexibility while […]

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The Growth of CBD in Skin Care Products


Cannabidiol (CBD) is being seen in all areas of health and wellness. Fans of CBD have raved about the compound’s ability to act as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory agent, and anti-depressant. Although taking CBD orally has gained a lot of media attention, many proponents of the supplement have found that CBD has notable skincare […]

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The Makeup Artist’s Toolbox  


Professional makeup artists must have a wide range of essential products and tools in their on-the-go kits. While it may take you a while to ultimately achieve the “perfect” kit for your trade, it’s important to understand the scope of what you’ll need from the start so you can start accumulating the necessities.

To start outfitting your […]

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An Esthetician’s Environment


As a licensed and trained esthetician, you have a number of different employment options. Estheticians work primarily in spas, medical spas, and physician’s offices. Each of these work environments is rewarding both professionally and financially. Estheticians never find themselves stuck in their jobs—they can easily move from one type of business to another throughout their careers. As a […]

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