Both aspiring and established makeup artists know that 3D body art with makeup is the up-and-coming trend in the industry that everyone is talking about. To get ahead of the curve and take advantage of this trend, makeup artists need to know the basics about 3D body art with makeup.

What is Body Art?

Body art is defined as any makeup technique that creates a work of art on the individual. It may consist of 3D jewelry that is installed temporarily on the body for a particular role, or it may be a painted on costume that needs to appear multi-dimensional on the screen. Body art and body paint is used throughout the music industry, the film industry, the theater industry and the modeling industry, which is why it is critical that aspiring and established makeup artists acquire this unique skill.

Where Can 3D Body Art be Used?

3D body art can be used virtually anywhere on the body. It is often applied to the face or neck area in the form of jewelry, but it can be used on the arms, legs or torso of an individual to achieve a specific look for the costume or performance. It is becoming increasingly common for 3D body art to be used for theatrical or dance performances, in film studios and on the runway.

How Can 3D Body Art with Makeup Improve Your Talent List?

3D body art is the up-and-coming technique, which means that not every makeup artist is able to successfully create these masterpieces. As a makeup artist who is familiar with 3D body art, you will be able to secure exclusive job opportunities and ultimately earn more income for your services. By adding 3D body art to your list of skills on your resume, you will become more qualified in the marketplace and more desirable among the top employers in the industry.

At the New York Institute of Beauty, we make it easy for makeup artists to add 3D Body Art with Makeup to their repertoire. We are offering a Body Art workshop on May 23 that will cover a variety of professional topics, including highlight and shadows, creating dimension with paint and found objects and perspective and illusion. Tobi Britton, an Emmy nominated makeup instructor, will be hosting this hands-on workshop.

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