If you haven’t yet heard of lip threading, be prepared to see this trend everywhere in the coming months. Lip threading is the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedure being used to get a fuller pout. Before you sign up to plump your lips through a lip threading procedure, here is what you should know.

How Lip Threading Works

Lip threading was developed as an alternative to injectable lip fillers. During the procedure, threads are passed through the skin to make lips appear fuller and more defined. The threads are composed of non-toxic materials and are placed through a tube inside the skin to stimulate collagen production. Unlike injections, the results of lip threading are modest and have a more natural appearance. Lip threading isn’t permanent, but the procedure isn’t reversible. The body will naturally break down the threads, but results typically last longer than fillers.

Does Lip Threading Hurt?

Lip threading is not pain free because typically no anesthetic is applied before the procedure. Local anesthesia can be injected before a procedure, but it could prevent a practitioner from accurately assessing the lips. Usually, two to four threads are inserted during a lip threading appointment. After the procedure, there could be some swelling and bruising on the face. Although most swelling and bruising will go away within days of the procedure, some individuals could have side effects lasting up to two weeks.

Lip Threading Risks

Like any type of procedure, there are safety risks involved with lip threading. The majority of individuals won’t have a bad reaction, but there have been reports of allergic reactions. Another risk is the formation of small lumps in the lips after a lip threading procedure. The lumps are called granulomas and are caused by inflammation when the body is exposed to a foreign substance. Fillers can be dissolved, but it is extremely difficult to remove the tiny threads from lip threading if an adverse reaction occurs. The good news is the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved lip threading. Also, the procedure is safer if you choose to use an experienced practitioner. Pricing may be more depending on experience level, but safety should be a priority.

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