Cannabidiol (CBD) is being seen in all areas of health and wellness. Fans of CBD have raved about the compound’s ability to act as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory agent, and anti-depressant. Although taking CBD orally has gained a lot of media attention, many proponents of the supplement have found that CBD has notable skincare benefits.

CBD Skincare Basics

CBD is sourced differently than marijuana. CBD does not contain any THC—the ingredient responsible for marijuana’s mind-altering effects. Once derived from the hemp plant, CBD is usually blended with a carrier oil for topical applications. Before using CBD as part of a skincare routine, users should review other label ingredients. Those who prefer natural and organic skincare products will only want pure CBD in the formulation. Check labels to see if the products are both organic, vegan, and non-GMO.

CBD has been linked to a number of skincare benefits with current ongoing scientific research confirming product claims. The most notable uses for topical CBD are to reduce inflammation and treat skin conditions like acne. CBD is also shown to be hypoallergenic and does not cause skin irritations when applied. In fact, CBD is more likely to soothe irritations and eliminate redness on the face.

CBD is being used at times dishonestly when marketing products. Although a product claims to include CBD, the active ingredient in the product may actually be hemp seed oil. Although hemp seed oil has hydrating benefits, it does not have the same benefits of pure CBD.

Growth of CBD in Skin Care Products

Originally, CBD was widely marketed as a topical oil. Newer products offer CBD as an active ingredient in lotions, masks, and soaps.

  • CBD soaps are popular with those with skin sensitivities and are effective as an exfoliant. A blend of grapefruit, olive, and sunflower oils are usually added to cleansing bars to add extra moisture to the skin. CBD won’t rob the skin of moisture since it has no impact on the body’s natural oil production.
  • Masks with CBD as an active ingredient are ideal for those looking to hydrate their skin overnight. Since CBD is linked to improved sleep, the latest trend is to apply the mask at bedtime.
  • Lotions with CBD have similar effects as serums. However, lotions can be used for full-body applications. Face lotions may include ingredients like hyaluronic acid to reduce puffiness.

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