Those passionate about skincare and beauty know that certification in an accredited esthetics program is the ideal place to get started. But where does one go from here?

Below, we’ll take a look at New York Institute of Beauty’s Esthetics Program compared to their Advanced Esthetics Program — including what’s involved in each course load, what skills you’ll gain in each program, and the unique advantages of shooting for the stars and getting an advanced degree to further your career.

Standard Esthetics Training Vs. Advanced Esthetics Training

New York Institute of Beauty’s Esthetics Program

A standard esthetics training program will prepare you for a career in esthetic treatment procedures and give you an overview of the art and science of skincare and beauty.

This program teaches:

  • An overview of the structure and anatomy of the skin
  • Safety guidelines and nutrition for proper skin care
  • How to analyze the skin, skin conditions, and appropriate treatments
  • The basics of unwanted hair removal
  • Basic chemistry for esthetics training
  • Facial and body skin care treatments, including instruction on necessary equipment
  • Business practices and career skills

Naturally, the program goes as in-depth as possible and offers unique hands-on opportunities for students. Still, it is a standard program, and many of the students move directly on to the advanced program.

New York Institute of Beauty’s Advanced Esthetics Program

As you might expect, advanced esthetics training takes your education and instruction further, ultimately providing you with more career opportunities, better pay, and a higher chance of nabbing that dream job.

With advanced certification, you’ll learn:

  • Advanced skin histology and physiology
  • In-depth assessment and documentation skills
  • Advanced exfoliation techniques
  • Advanced facial equipment skills, including how to apply laser and light techniques in esthetics treatments
  • Paramedical esthetics skills
  • Spa alternative therapy training

Whereas the standard esthetics training program is a cumulative 600 hours, the advanced Esthetics Training Program is 900 hours.

Who Qualifies for Advanced Esthetics Training?

Advanced Esthetics training is recommended for anyone who has either completed a standard esthetics training program or is about to complete one.

This goes for students at New York Institute of Beauty and students from other institutes as well. Most standard Esthetics programs will adequately prepare you for the more technical and sophisticated courses you’ll be taking in NYIB’s Advanced Esthetics Training Program.

Interested in Learning More?

Just completed the Esthetics Program at NYIB? Nearly finished? Learn more about our Advanced Esthetics Program here, or feel free to contact us directly with your questions and inquiries. We look forward to welcoming you at NYIB!