NYIB: Destiny-Thank you for joining me as my first Spotlight Student of 2019! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Destiny: Okay, so I am a part-time evening esthetics student! I am also a first-grade teaching assistant at a school for the deaf. And now I am here because I decided to come to school for makeup. And then I fell in love with esthetics.

NYIB: What kind of drew you to the beauty industry?

Destiny: I always wanted to do makeup, always had a passion for it. But since I already had another job, a career really, I kind of just pushed it off. But I always still loved it. So, my boyfriend one day said “hey, for your birthday I want to pay for a class for you.” I was like you know what, sure let’s do it. So, we decided to go look for some schools and see what was out there being offered.

NYIB: Well that is a wonderful present! So, you visited a few places then?

Destiny: Yup! This was the first school I interviewed. At the time with where I was living, it was the closest. Then we saw some other schools, mostly in Nassau County. But I did come here first, and I met you when you were still doing Admissions!

NYIB: Yes, I remember you and your boyfriend. I forgot that you used to be closer to here because if memory serves me correctly- currently you drive a pretty far distance correct?

Destiny: Yes, I drive a lot haha. When I first started here, I was maybe 10 minutes away? But I am a Queens girls at heart. When I started here in June, I was still living nearby, but I was already thinking I was heading back to Queens. I did that in August, so yea- I do travel quite a bit to get here haha. 

NYIB: That is impressive!

Destiny: Yes, it is a commute. But it is once a day, for just 3 days a week. And it isn’t forever. And it’s worth it.

NYIB: What drew you to an Esthetics school versus going for Cosmetology or just a makeup class?

Destiny: So, I did go look at both Esthetics and Cosmetology schools. I thought Cosmetology school would be the way to go because I figured being able to do both hair and makeup would get me more jobs. Your school though, when I came here- you drew me in. Pretty much I think you help draw a lot of people to decide to come here haha. You sold me on Esthetics and the opportunities. You sold my boyfriend too, and we together were like okay this is amazing, this is where I should go.

NYIB: Aww well I definitely appreciate that you had a positive experience with me and that I helped convince you both that this was a good place for you. 

Destiny: Well I remember it had a lot to do with your story. You went to college, you had a degree. And that stuck with me because I have a degree in psychology, and I was planning on going back to school to finish my masters for teaching. So, to meet someone else with a similar background who still chose to get into the beauty industry, it was good to hear. And once I walked through the clinics and saw everything, I just knew this was the school.

One school I went to visit-it felt purely like a business. They just wanted your money, in and out the door, no personality. But I remember going to your website, seeing all the workshops you put on, the amount of volunteer work you guys do, and job opportunities you have for your students. I loved that.

NYIB: We try really hard to make sure we don’t feel like a school that just mills students in and out. We want you guys to get out there with us and build your portfolios, get experience, learn more.

Destiny: You guys offer us a lot of choices, a lot to learn. And I am new to the industry. So, I am sitting here, I don’t know where to go or what to do you and you guys were posting all of these opportunities. How do I not take that?

I used to feel confused because I felt like the only person in my class going to these workshops and I was lost on why! Like, come on guys- these are free classes!  Go in and try something new. If you don’t like it, what did you lose?

NYIB: Yes, exactly! Education is never wasted. I also know you have started really becoming a superstar within our NYIB Make Up team. What are some of the things you have done so far?

Destiny: Well my first event was right when I started last June. I did the LGBT Prom. I actually came as an assistant because I was scared. I wasn’t confident how to go out there and go a job by myself. So, I went to assist so that I could learn and meet some people. I met some amazing artists, and from there built a connection with one in particular who brought me along on some other jobs with her. So, I have been able to really start building my portfolio and growing confidence.

NYIB: We have New York Fashion Week coming up In February which you will be joining us at correct?

Destiny: Yes! I am so excited. What a great opportunity. I can’t wait to really get in there.

NYIB: Well I will tell you like I tell everyone-Play your cards right, it’s networking, its portfolio building, it’s everything.

Destiny: Yep! You guys present us with so much, and it’s our choice whether to take it or not or how far we want to go with it.

NYIB: So, tell me about some of your goals for after you graduate? Do you plan to continue to teach full time?

Destiny: That is a hard question. I think about it a lot, especially as my graduation date gets closer. The classroom has had my heart for 5 years. But now that I have found this, it’s something I really want to go further with. I still haven’t fully decided what I want to do, I don’t think I am ready to leave the classroom just yet. But once the time is right, I will know.

NYIB: And you know that is one of the good things about our industry. You can make it your main career, or it can be supplemental. You can have multiple passions in your life, and your beauty career can ebb and flow with that.

Destiny: Which I love because it’s scary. It is very scary to transition from one field to another. But I am excited for it.

NYIB: And believe me, you would not be the first do that sort of major life change. As I probably talked about with you during Admissions, one of my favorite things about our industry is the diversity. I love the varying backgrounds and goals of our students.  Our evening students I believe tend to be a lot of students like you- people working full time, looking to make a change or growth. However even at night we have SAHMS, recent high school graduates, a little everything.  Incredibly diverse.

Destiny: Oh yea. Everyone here is of multiple ages. Like, I thought I might be the youngest, but oh no. I have been with some girls fresh out of high school, and then I have had classmates who are in their 40s. It’s amazing to see the difference. But yet we are a family here.

NYIB: And that’s one of the reasons again I do Spotlight Student and I am passionate for it.  I know we took a break for a bit because it got super busy here and I made a position change at the school, but I was determined to bring it back for 2019! Our stories, our varying goals, our histories- telling all that just shows the world again we have no type. And yet- we are connected. We are a family.

So Destiny, you are quite a chunk into the program. Talk to me a little about any surprises you have found during your education, anything you particularly loved?

Destiny: Honestly, I have loved everything so far. Having the experience of theory and clinic, hands on, preparing us for the way it will actually be after we graduate- that has been incredible.

NYIB: The client part is huge for us. We put a lot of focus on that because that is really what is going to set you apart once you’re out there. It’s the experience with clients while in school that will teach you how to actually interact in the real world. I am glad to hear that you find it so useful!

You originally did visit schools because you love makeup. Now going through all the training in skin care and waxing as well, do you see yourself doing that?

Destiny: I do! See I struggle with this haha. Because it makes me even more think I may leave the classroom fully! I love skincare.  I want to get into the Advanced Esthetics program next. There is just so much in this industry that you can learn and do!  At first, I really thought okay I will just do makeup, get my license so I can legally do that, great. Then I started to see all the options there. High fashion, and bridal, and then special effects!

NYIB: That is true, even if you “just did makeup” you could still have a broad career!

Destiny: Yes! But then I started doing facials here and I love them. I am not super into fluff, massages or aromatherapy. I see a problem and I immediately want to fix and tackle it. It’s why I want to do Advanced. I am hoping to eventually work with a dermatology or plastic surgeon.

“Don’t limit yourself.” I was always told that and I think our industry is a perfect fit for that.

NYIB: I love that!

Again- one reason we do this is so that someone at home reading this can identify with a Spotlight Student. So, if someone is currently on their phone or computer, reading your story, what is some advice you might have for them?

Destiny: I say go for it. If it Is your calling, if you just keep thinking about doing it, go. Go on interviews, look at schools. Come talk to people. Even if you don’t end up at NYIB, which you will because you’ll fall in love with it haha, just get out there.  I went to see 4 schools, this was the first, so I held off just to make sure I had something to compare it to. I came back here because I just knew. When you know, you know. So, if you know you want to be in the beauty industry-Go for it.

NYIB: Thank you so much Destiny for sitting with me and sharing your story. I look forward to working alongside you at NYFW, and continuing to see you reach your goals and just kill it!

Destiny: If you believe the beauty industry is your calling as well, come visit New York Institute of Beauty. Our Education Team would love to meet with you and find out how we can help you follow your passions!