Meet Meghan Asselta

NYIB: Hi Meghan! Thank you for sitting with me. How are you doing? Are you feeling excited or nervous?

Meghan: I am feeling a little bit of both.

NYIB:  That is totally understandable. Tell us all a little more about yourself, we know you are already a businesswoman!

Meghan: I graduated from Pratt Institute, with a Bachelor’s degree in photography in 2014. I have my own photography business which is based mostly in engagement, newborn, and maternity photoshoots. I also work with a wedding photographer, which I enjoy as well.

NYIB: That’s amazing! What got you interested in pursuing Esthetics?

Meghan: Well, I have discovered that I want to do eyelash extensions! So, I decided to go to school for Esthetics so I could become licensed. Eventually, I want to be trained and certified to do eyelash extensions. I am happy that this opportunity has opened so many doors for things I didn’t know I’d be interested in.

NYIB: I am so excited to hear that you are discovering new passions!

NYIB: Why did you decide to be licensed in Esthetics, and not Cosmetology?

Meghan: Honestly, I knew nothing about the beauty industry before getting into this. So, I felt as if I was going in blind. I was more interested to learn about Esthetics. It seems like there are more opportunities. I didn’t have any real interest in hair, I like getting my hair done but I didn’t want to learn how to do it. I can’t see myself doing hair.  My doing hair is probably not good for anyone! I CAN see myself in the world of face, skin, and anatomy, they interest me more.

NYIB: Before starting school, tell us a little more about what you were up to.

Meghan: I was focusing on building my photography business. Since I started working, I’ve always had multiple jobs at one time, so it wasn’t just photography. I was also working at a tanning salon, which is where I met the woman who was doing eyelash extensions, and originally got me excited about it. She has now converted her salon into an eyelash studio. I am interested in working there after I graduate. I also work at Stony Brook Hospital taking photos of newborns.

NYIB: Oh my, you are very busy. What made you choose NYIB?

Meghan: I knew someone who is in the part-time evening class. She already works at the lash bar. I talked to her and got her opinion, which was positive! I then came in, and had a facial done by her. I was able to see what I would be getting into. I liked what I found, so I decided to go to nyib.

NYIB: I am very glad you did! So, you have been here for a few months now. What would you say is the most interesting thing you have discovered?

Meghan: Well I came in on skin disorders and diseases, and that was fun! I think the most interesting thing would be learning all the different protocols and steps for facials, as well as all the different products and ingredients. I also have been excited to see how much I really enjoy doing makeup. That’s what I was most scared about doing. We recently did fantasy makeup day and it was so much fun!

NYIB: I think becoming more passionate about makeup could really do well for your photography business! It will allow you to bring your own vision to life!

Meghan: Yes, I want to make sure I can deliver the look that I envision.

NYIB: Your Esthetics instructor, Robert, happens to be well versed in both skin care and makeup, specifically things avant garde. How has it been having him as an instructor?

Meghan: He is an awesome teacher. I am not good at taking information in, so the fact that I have been doing so well in class is a big plus! He knows so much, It’s been great gathering knowledge from him.

NYIB: Now that you are getting more into makeup, do you see yourself participating in NYIB Makeup Team events?

Meghan: When it came to doing makeup, I was happy we did fantasy day. I always liked doing makeup at Halloween time every year. I would do something cool and different.  It interests me a lot to do the fantasy aspect of Cleopatra, also a siren. One day we did a decade’s theme. It was not easy! I chose the 50s, because I love it. I did a Twiggy inspired look and it was hard. Maybe I could join the team to help out with simple looks. I think I would like to explore special effects!

NYIB: Hey, every makeup artist has their niche! What about coming with us as a photographer?

Meghan: Yes!

NYIB: Any advice, or words of encouragement for someone who is just starting to figure out if this is something they want to do?

Meghan: When I first graduated from Pratt Institute, I told myself that I was totally done with school, I was never going to do it again. Then, I started thinking about getting into the beauty industry, and coming here. I found myself becoming really excited. The regiment, the learning, all this new information has been so much fun. Everything I have learned before was art based, and now I have a new field I can grow in!

NYIB: How has it been being back in a classroom, and interacting with everyone? I tell new students all the time, “You’re going to have similar interests, but yet be very varied.” How’s your environment been?

Meghan: It’s refreshing because you have so many different personalities, and we all excel at different things. When it came to makeup, I knew nothing. I was able to rely on a couple of my classmates who gave me advice and taught me some new things.  I have really been loving that.

NYIB: What are some of your goals for when you graduate in a few months?

Meghan: My goals are to get to the point where I am completely my own boss, and make my own schedule. I don’t want to report to anyone else. I want to do that in multiple areas. I want my own schedule doing lashes, photography, and makeup. Once it’s all settled, I think I’d like to look at a spa also.

NYIB: If you have time!  When it all settles, and you’re doing your thing, you’re your own boss, what do you envision for yourself? What is your 5 or 10-year plan?

Meghan: Hopefully my photography will be doing really well, because I truly love it. The owner of the lash bar has mentioned wanting to have more locations, maybe I will be able to run one of those. Possibly expanding it to be a full-service spa. Why not do a little bit of everything!

NYIB: I definitely see Miss Meghan continuing to be a jack of all trades, but mastering many of them!

I want to thank Meghan again for her time, and we look forward to being a part of her journey as she continues to grow in the beauty industry!

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Interviewed and written by Megan Leitch, L.E., NYIB Admissions Representative.