Ever wonder how ultra-successful estheticians got where they are today? Perhaps they’re working on movie sets, have their own salon in Manhattan, or work exclusively with A-list clientele in places like London and Paris.

Naturally, any esthetician needs the proper education and certification. But being successful in this field is also about hard work, dedication, perseverance, and some tried-and-true pavement pounding.

In this day and age, pavement pounding isn’t about knocking on doors or handing out flyers. Rather, it amounts to having a stellar social media presence— especially on Instagram and Facebook, two of the most widely-used social media sites.

In fact, using Instagram and Facebook is the absolute best way to build your clientele when you’re new to the industry. Here are some tips for getting started.

Key Tips for Improving Your Social Media Presence and Building Your Clientele as an Esthetician

  1. Get creative with your posts.
    Immediately after the initial creation of your professional Facebook and Instagram accounts, start posting. You’ll want to post different types of content. For example, you might post:
    – Examples of your work, such as pictures of you or your client during a procedure (always get consent from clients)
    – Tips and tricks
    – Fun and/or inspirational quotes
    – Cute photos of your life and lifestyle (morning coffee run, fun things around the salon, a picture of a beautiful day out the salon window). Do not mix your personal and professional accounts.
    – Before and after photos
    – Unique tools and products you recommend
  2. Update both sites every day.
    The key to having a great social media presence is to update daily. Never miss a day of posting at least once.
  3. Link both sites.
    Facebook and Instagram are super-useful because they can be linked. That way, when you upload to Instagram, you can simply send the post to Facebook too — essentially “killing two birds with one stone” and saving yourself time on updates.
  4. Provide useful information.
    Your followers want to get something out of following you. Give them tips of the trade, recommendations on products, tip-offs for days when you have sales and specials, and times when you have appointments available.
  5. Start following others.
    In order to get people to follow you, it’s wise to start following others. Look for accounts from other estheticians, esthetician students, professionals and students in other related fields, and anyone who follows related accounts. Also, don’t forget to add friends and family.

Ready to Start Your Career in the Beauty Industry?

As an esthetician, you’ll experience an exciting career of helping others look and feel their best. Working in the beauty industry means a flexible schedule, a pleasant work environment, and a multitude of ways to grow and improve your career.

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