Meet Lorin Cumberbatch

NYIB: Hello Lorin! You are looking fabulous. Tell us all a little bit about yourself.

Lorin: Hmm, my name is Lorin haha. I love makeup. Love makeup.

I am originally from New York, but I did move to Michigan for a few years where I was a makeup artist. My best friend is a model and she wanted me to do her makeup all the time. I was getting pretty big out there, but I wanted more and wanted to go back to a bigger city. So, since I have a lot of family here, I said what’s better than New York City. So, now I am back here haha.

NYIB: Wonderful to have you back! What drew you to Esthetics?

Lorin: Well in Michigan, I didn’t need a license to work as a makeup artist. But in New York, you need to be licensed to do what I love. I had always been back and forth with going back to school. It was hard when I came back to New York because I felt like I had already done so much in makeup, I knew so much, and now I had to go back to the basics? But other industry professionals, they let me know I was not that far into the game haha, and that I should just go for it. It was only going to make me better. So, I decided to just go for it.

NYIB: That makes a lot of sense. Licensing in New York is important. What drew you to Esthetics instead of Cosmetology?

Lorin: I don’t like hair haha. I give it to them, but I do not have the desire or the patience for hair. Makeup is where it is for me, it’s my passion, so the license that focused more on skin made better sense for me.

NYIB: Talk to me a little bit more about what you were doing before school.

Lorin: In Michigan I was doing makeup full time. I was working at a hospital, but I started getting more and more makeup work, so I was able to switch to per diem at the hospital. And that was great because  I was able to make the hospital job work around my makeup jobs, instead of it having to be the other way around. It worked well. I actually ended up doing a lot of holidays there because I wouldn’t have a makeup job on the big holidays, but I knew hospital employees would want off, so it allowed me to always have consistent work from both sides. Then when I decided to move back to New York it was hard at first because I went from being so busy with makeup to not doing nearly as much. I think I lost focus for a minute. But now I am back, I am driven, I am focused.

NYIB: There are quite a few Esthetic schools to choose from. I know you make quite the commute here. There are definitely schools closer to you than we are. So what made you decide to go with New York Institute of Beauty?

Lorin: Well I had 2 schools in mind. I already knew NYIB because I had met you all at New York Fashion Week. I came from Michigan with my friend who was a model, and I met Linda. My friend ended up getting picked for modeling, and Linda invited me to work as a makeup artist with the NYIB Make Up Team. And it was great and led to me getting some other opportunities that week. So when I was picking a school, my friend was like, “Why wouldn’t you go with the school that you already know and know their team?” But I won’t lie- I was still nervous because it is a bit of drive. However, the other school is in New York City and I don’t like public transportation haha, so it was better for me to have more control and drive myself even if it is a bit farther away.

NYIB: Well I am glad you decided that!

NYIB: You have been in school for a few months now. Anything exciting that you’ve learned?

Lorin: Its been interesting learning about stuff that isn’t makeup. Learning how to do facials and what not, I always wondered how I would like it. Also, my instructor, Candice, has been great. It’s been awesome getting some knowledge on running a business. She used to own her own spa, so being someone who wants to own my company, its been good getting that kind of first-hand information and feedback. I am able to ask questions and get real answers, not random things I find off Google.

NYIB: That’s amazing.  Has there been anything surprising?

Lorin: Well, I still totally love makeup haha. It’s still my major passion and my go to. So that hasn’t changed.

NYIB: Do you think going though all this skin training will make you a better makeup artist?

Lorin: Oh yea, I was saying that before I even started. Being able to better understand ingredients and terms, I can now offer my clients facials too. Not just a 5-minute routine before the makeup job, I can get them to come in for more intensive care. So that will help my business.

NYIB: Absolutely. The more you can offer, the more clients you can book!

NYIB: What are some of your goals as you prepare to graduate in a few months?

Lorin: Well, I am gearing up to be a mom. My baby is due in a few months. So, I am just taking this time to really build my foundation, make connections with everyone. I am trying to build networks with students, with teachers, at these events with the Make Up Team. I feel like social media plays a big part in helping with that, so I am using this time to grow that side so that when I am ready to get back out full force I have a network I can turn to. I want to ensure my business can keep growing.

NYIB: That’s awesome. Congratulations on the baby! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lorin: My overall goal is to have my own company- Lorin Cumberbatch LLC. I want to provide photoshoots, fashion, events. I want to have an artistry team that I can send on location places, that would be Lorin Cumberbatch and Company, to work with bridal parties, VIP clientele, girl’s nights out. I intend to have my own salon, Lorin Cumberbatch Salon, where clients can also choose to come to us. I want to offer everything for everyone.  That’s where I hope to be going.

Those are some amazing goals. I can’t wait to see you open all of that!

NYIB: Any advice for someone out there reading this who is hesitant about making the leap into the beauty industry?

Lorin: I say, “Do it!” There is a lot of information out there that isn’t true, especially makeup. The industry is so saturated, and you have these companies and people offering up certificates that don’t do anything for you. Going to a legitimate school, an accredited one like NYIB, you’re not going to regret it. The more people want to get into this industry, the more the laws are going to change and matter. You want to make sure you’re doing it right. You want to keep our industry full of professionals with proper training. I mean sanitation alone, it’s so focused on here. Infection control is everything.

I have classmates that don’t have much support at home, and I am seeing them get it here. I am lucky to have a lot of support, but it is also really nice to come in here and have the other students be encouraging. Your friends and family may not be your number one supporters. But your industry, your beauty people? They can be. And for a lot of students in my class, I see that we are each other’s support system. It’s encouraging.

NYIB: I want to thank the lovely Lorin for taking the time out to sit with me and chat. We here at NYIB wish her the best of luck with her upcoming major milestones, and we can’t wait to see everything she is going to accomplish.

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Interviewed and written by Megan Leitch, L.E., NYIB Admissions Representative.