Are you a current or former skin care specialist? Reignite your passion for Esthetics with advanced classes!

Skin care has come a long way over the past several years. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in school, now is the perfect time to refresh your skills. Having an Advanced Esthetics program under your belt will put you on the fast-track for better jobs, more enjoyable work, and an increased income.

But if you still need more convincing, here are a few more reasons to consider going back to school for an Advanced Esthetics certification!

Already working as a skin care specialist? You’ll be better able to please your clients.

Your clients want to know that you’re on top of the latest advancements in quality skin care. When they approach you for treatment, they trust that you’ll be able to accurately assess their needs and provide the most effective and efficient treatment.

NYIB’s Advanced Esthetics course is up-to-date on the cutting-edge and effective modalities. Within this course, Estheticians further increase their skill set to perform anti-aging, exfoliation, scar-reducing, and acne-inhibiting treatments. Through the coursework, students also learn how to perform advanced modalities such as micropeels (chemical exfoliation with a microdermabrasion), laser and light treatments, microcurrent, and more. You’ll even learn the history and science behind these technical processes, which will only further an Esthetician’s understanding of these treatments.

As a result of this continued education, you’ll be able to provide more effective care for your clients, increasing your success and passion for the field.

Going back to school isn’t as difficult as you may think.

While you attended core esthetics classes and earned your initial licensing, your workload was likely intense. You may even have been working one or two other jobs to pay the bills. Keep in mind that going back to school is different.

NYIB’s Advanced Esthetics program offers a part-time schedule, allowing you the ability to still work and juggle life. We understand that you have a busy schedule! Whether you’re already working as a skin care specialist now or you work in another field, New York Institute of Beauty’s Advanced Esthetics program has both a part-time day and part-time evening class running, which means you can attend school during a time that works better for you and your career.

If you’re in the field already, you’ll even be able to implement your knowledge into your practice as you go.


Advanced Estheticians can have a wider variety of job opportunities available to them. With an education in more results-based treatments, an Advanced Esthetician can more easily work alongside cosmetic doctors, dermatologists, or in a medical spa type environment.

New York Institute of Beauty also offers help in job placement after graduation. From resume building, to invite only career fairs, NYIB can help make the transition into an Advanced Esthetics position easier for you!

Join Our Advanced Esthetics Program at the New York Institute of Beauty!

Advanced Esthetics classes can take your career to the next level!

The New York Institute of Beauty offers a 900-hour Advanced Esthetics Program that prepares students for the New York State examinations, and further educates them.  If you are already a licensed Esthetician in New York- you have the ability to transfer in the 600-hours you have already completed! With financial-aid available to those who qualify, and multiple schedule options, there really is no reason not to head back to school!

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