Just like wedding trends evolve and brides focus on different themes for their big day, hair and makeup trends also change with the times. In 2017 makeup artists and estheticians can expect requests for demure, dream-like makeup from their brides. Soft pastel hues, particularly pink, are sure to be the color of the season when it comes to bridal makeup.

Here’s a look at the top bridal makeup trends for 2017:

Shades of Pink

For brides, pastel pink is the accent color of the year. Whether your bride is opting for a rose-colored eye shadow or a baby pink lip gloss, she will find that the color allows her to achieve a sweet, coy look for her wedding day. Consider using pastel pink throughout all makeup applications, from the eye shadow to the blush and lip color.

Pearl Accents

For hundreds of years brides have been described as glowing and gorgeous. In hopes of enhancing their natural bridal glow, many brides are using pearl makeup accents. Whether this is a shimmery dust on the skin, or an application of pearl eye shadow that adds a glistening touch to the eyes, the bride will appear naturally wondrous.

Au Naturel

Neutral shades are becoming more popular among brides who want to appear makeup-free on their wedding day. Particularly popular among the natural brides who are accenting their event with florals and greenery, this look allows them to feel confident in their own skin.

Defined Beauty

As natural tones and pastel shades are preferred by many brides, the face is often best defined with a strong brow. Adding a touch of color to the eyebrows adds definition and tone, giving the bride a strong and assured appearance.

Shiny Gloss

Perfectly applied lip gloss in a natural shade is the ideal way to truly illuminate the bridal look. This adds a touch of magic and allure to the face, and allows the bride to capture that effervescent, youthful effect.

By staying informed and on top of the latest bridal beauty trends, you will be able to give brides what they want before they even ask for it. Explain to them the hottest looks of the season, and allow them to personalize their look based on their own preferences and desires for their wedding day.