Google reports “searches for the vegan skin care category have grown by 83% year over year in the U.S.” And vegan skin care is certainly a buzz word we hear often in spas in New York.

Knowing vegan skin care options is important not only to those that are vegan, but anyone interested in providing skin care as well. The number of vegan products available is growing, and these days you don’t have to sacrifice effectiveness or essence to go vegan.

What is Vegan Skin Care?

Vegan skin care are products that do not use animal testing and do not contain animal byproducts. The ingredients are plant based or clay based, and often contain essential oils. This can be any skin care product – soap, lotion, face wash, body wash, chapstick… you name it!

What are the Benefits of Vegan Skin Care Products?

For vegans it would be an obvious choice for home care. The choice in going with a vegan skin care product is all about the manufacturer’s philosophy, story, and vision being in line with their own choices.

For others, it might be sensitive skin that leads to the use of vegan skin care products. For those that are sensitive, the stronger ingredients used to nourish and treat skin can be an issue. Natural ingredients found in vegan skin care products can reduce irritation and still show beneficial results.

Still others gravitate towards these products for their use of plant based products. Those that use essential oils know the “power of the plant” and believe in the strength of the ingredients.

Whichever motivation is the reason. Vegan skin care products are worth checking out.

Three Vegan Skin Care Companies and Products to Check Out

GET HAPPY Organic Bodywash
By Plant Apothecary based in Brooklyn, NY
Sold in Target

Plant Apothecary creates unisex products that are all-botanical and USDA organic. They take traditional skincare and health remedies from all over the world and follow principles of aromatherapy and herbalism. Plant Apothecary uses BKLYN UNLTD, an organization who employ mentally and physically disabled adults, to help make their products.

Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil
By Pai based in London, UK

Pai was born out of frustration of the founder’s inability to find products that actually worked with sensitive skin. Pai’s promise is: “We never test on animals, use only sustainable plant ingredients, and choose recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible.”

Pure Elements Serum Concentrates
by Odacité based in Los Angeles, CA

Odacité founder is a breast cancer survivor who started a line of vegan products that blended “luxurious French skin care with green California living”.